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Business last updated 5 April 2020

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Precautions the business is taking to minimise risk to customers and ensure social distancing:

Precautions you should take when visiting the store or using this service:
Dear friends Here at Maiaveda your health and safety are top priorities. As you are aware there is a growing public health risk surrounding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and we are closely monitoring the situation. As a Wellness Centre we have always followed strict hygienic protocols for disinfection and disease prevention. Given the current situation, and with guidance from our Government Health Agencies, we have intensified our efforts around best practices for virus prevention. Here are the specific steps we’re following to ensure the health of our clients and staff: Our treatment rooms, equipment and instruments have always been disinfected/sterilized between clients, this is our standard practice. We are now also disinfecting at frequent intervals throughout the day all shared surfaces such as chairs, door knobs, bathroom fixtures, and our reception counter and eftpos machine. We encourage the use of card payments to avoid being in contact with cash. Disposable cups are now being used for serving water and herbal teas. Slippers given to our guests to wear after foot baths are now all disposable. Sanitizing supplies are available to clients and staff. We have a clear and frequent communication with our team to be aware of our policy updates, and to follow Government Health Department instructions. For the time being, we are discouraging hugs and handshakes, to keep us all extra-safe. For our clients: Listen to your body. If you’re not feeling well, please stay home and seek medical attention, if needed. We are a specialist boutique Wellness Centre with only two treatment rooms only caring for a small number of clients on any given day. Being qualified and highly experienced health practitioners, all staff are aware of keeping their own immune systems resilient, this awareness is a given within our industry. We’re waiving the 50% cancellation fee if needing to cancel within 24 hours of your appointment, to ensure everyone stays healthy and happy. Take normal, healthy precautions that you would during flu season. Wash hands frequently and avoid touching your face. Stay warm. If you’re experiencing severe anxiety around the situation try taking a break from the media, and seek reliable information from trusted sources. Safety is always our number one priority. These steps, along with your personal cautiousness, will help Maiaveda play our part in keeping our community safe and healthy. Please let us know if you have any questions. We’re always here for you. Let us support you through this stressful period of uncertainty with our nurturing and rejuvenating services. Thank you. Your friends at Maiaveda May Maiaveda be your safe refuge...we are open.

If relevant, is home delivery or pick-up available:
STAY CONNECTED: Online Wellness Support These are unusual times, to say the least. Fears and anxieties are running high at a time when social distancing may keep us from being able to connect with our social and professional circles. Taking care of our health - both physical and mental - is imperative. Marye O'Brien, our Founder, is offering online practical heart-centred support as a resource to help people feel connected and supported in the coming weeks and months. Whether it is a 15 minute check in, to needing support with managing anxiety, perhaps a moment to share a prayer, sound healing meditation or distant healing, or learn strategies to help you feel grounded during these days of uncertainty - it is important to stay connected. Price or exchange is negotiated (using a sliding scale) with each person based on personal circumstances, time and frequency. Please give Marye a call on 0420 580 886.

If you have questions for this business: M. 0420 580 886