👋 Welcome to Kindtown.

With people being instructed to self-isolate and reduce their interactions, local businesses are likely to be hit hard by necessary COVID-19 precautions.

Everyone wants local businesses to make it through this, but are also understandably anxious about leaving home. Please consider supporting them if you are satisfied with their preparations and comply with government advice.

If there's something that would change your mind about using them, give them a buzz or shoot them an email.

For Local Businesses 🍔:This page lets them demonstrate their approach to keeping themselves and their customers safe while minimising the risks of transmission.

For the Good People of Kyneton 🏡:This page should help you make an informed decision about how and where you shop so we can continue to support local businesses during the next few months.

Over time, this page may evolve to have other resources on it as they become available.

Others doing great work for the community